Dawood-Osmane Group - A family group founded in 1955.

  • Our group broke new ground in the area of Cash & Carry in Portugal. The experience of our founders was based on the knowledge and practice acquired from the family's patriarch, Dawood Osmane, one of Mozambique's leading warehouse owners.
  • He started his business in the 40s selling spices.
  • In 1955, we constructed our first warehouse, with a 300m2 store and 2,000m2 logistics stock room.
  • In 1964, with the support of his sons, Gulamo Mahomed and Salim Dawood, the Cash & Carry was expanded to a 2,000m2 store and a 4,000m2 logistics stock room.
  • He and his eldest son started operating in Portugal in 1979 in the area of Cinemas and Residences. In Mozambique, under the leadership of his youngest son, the distribution business continued to prosper. The Group employed around 1000 employees at one point and was responsible for the distribution of perishables throughout Mozambique.
  • In 1982, and due to political instability in Mozambique, the two businessmen joined forces in. Portugal and restarted the family's success cycle. Based on the same values, assets gradually increased with the launching of Lusoalimentos.
  • In 2002, it opened the Group's head office, where the Cash & Carry is located, a 3,600m2 point-of- sale and several logistics warehouses, with a 9,000m2 storage capacity.
  • One of the Group's key milestones occurred in 2005, when the company focused in the area of Cosmetics, Home Care, Personal Care and Perfumes and was the first Cash & Carry in this specific category. It reached a leadership position in Portugal and is the major wholesale customer of multinational distributors of these products.
  • The Dawood Osmane Group is constantly developing and is strongly aimed at expansion.



The Dawood Osmane Group's mission is to build successful partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees. Through our spirit of professionalism, commitment and innovation, our aim is to find the best solutions and technologies to meet market needs, with social and environmental responsibility, and constantly contribute to improving professional quality of life, either individually or collectively.


To be a national and international market reference in order to gain a significant market share with a view to the group's expansion and consolidation.


Transparency, Quality, Responsibility, Innovation and Commitment.